Our collection of expertly designed blinds, shades and shutters come in a variety of styles to perfectly fit your own unique style. With a statement that is all about rich, traditional elegance, Shade-O-Matic® is proud to provide a diverse collection that does more than the typical window covering.

SheerLuxe Window Shadings

A Brand New streamlined collection of Horizontal Sheers featuring both translucent and light-dimming vane styles to provide varying degrees of light control. Covers large window expanses with no visible internal lift cords to detract from their elegant appearance.

SheerLuxe Window Shadings SheerLuxe Window Shadings


  • Offered in the popular 2 1/2" vane size, ideal for all window sizes.
  • Optional cordless lift control for a control cord free operation.
  • Fabric vanes, suspended between two sheers, rotate open or closed for soft view or full privacy.
  • Filters out up to 88% of incoming harmful UV rays when open, and up to 99% when closed.
  • When raised, they completely disappear into the headrail allowing more outside view.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures your customers’ satisfaction.